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Core Services

Knova is a term that refers to the intersection of trust and knowledge. 

It represents the point at which an individual or organization has built a strong foundation of trust with their audience or customers, based on their expertise and knowledge in a particular field or industry

Priced for the client

Our goal is to bring high-quality digital marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes, regardless of budget constraints.

Proactive Approach

We don't wait for you to come to us - we come to you! Our team of dedicated marketing experts is committed to proactively identifying opportunities

Constant Evolution

In the ever-changing digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. That's why we're always learning, adapting and evolving

Digital Strategy & Planning

Work with clients to create a robust digital business development plan that outlines goals, target audience, and key performance indicators (KPIs). This strategic roadmap will serve as a foundation for all future digital initiatives. 

Market Research& Analysis

Conduct thorough market research and competitive analysis to identify gaps, opportunities, and trends in the industry. This data-driven approach helps businesses make informed decisions and develop effective strategies.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Optimize sales funnels to improve conversion rates and increase revenue. This includes designing and implementing targeted lead generation campaigns, creating high-converting landing pages, and utilizing email marketing to nurture leads. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

Streamline and automate CRM processes to improve customer engagement and increase sales. Assist clients in selecting, implementing, and optimizing CRM systems to ensure seamless data management and customer communication. 

Social Media Management & Advertising

Develop and execute comprehensive social media strategies that drive brand awareness, increase engagement, and generate leads. Leverage paid advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach a wider audience and drive results.

Content Marketing & SEO

Create high-quality, relevant content that resonates with the target audience and improves organic search rankings. Implement SEO best practices to increase website visibility, drive traffic, and generate leads.

Analytics & Reporting

Track, analyze, and report on key performance metrics to provide actionable insights and continuously improve digital business development strategies.

Website Development & Optimization

Design and develop visually appealing, user-friendly websites that align with clients’ branding and business goals. Optimize website performance and user experience to reduce bounce rates and improve conversion rates.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing services involve the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to reach out to potential and existing customers. Our mobile marketing services at Knova include creating mobile-friendly websites and apps, optimizing website content for mobile devices, and creating SMS and MMS marketing campaigns to reach customers on the go. We also analyze mobile marketing campaign performance to make data-driven decisions and optimize future campaigns for better results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing services involve the use of email campaigns to reach out to potential and existing customers, promote products or services, and increase brand awareness. Our email marketing services at Knova include creating customized email templates, segmenting email lists based on customer demographics, and analyzing email campaign performance to optimize future campaigns.

Partnerships and Pricing Models

Introducing Our Flexible Pricing Models for Growing Businesses
At Knova, we understand that not all businesses have the same budget or marketing needs. That’s why we’ve designed three scalable pricing models to support your business as it grows. With a small upfront engagement, you can start experiencing the benefits of our digital marketing services and scale up as your company expands.

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